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The advantage of a spray paint booth is that it filters these chemicals, to ensure they don't pose a threat to the surrounding areas. Dust-Free Surroundings: If you eliminate dust floating about, you allow for an immaculate paint finish to be achieved.

"Here are some of the reasons why a spray paint booth is a necessity for any spray painting project.
1. A spray paint booth not only helps professionals give your car a high-quality finish but is a requirement to ensure the safety of staff and avoid an outbreak of fire.
2. The first major advantage of using a spray paint booth is that it eliminates the danger of hazardous substances that might escape into the atmosphere.
3. Overspray and volatiles do not escape the booth and therefore the danger of a fire or an explosion is avoided.
4. The booth controls air fuel and does not allow combustible combinations to mix.
5. The finish of the car will not be distorted by dust or dirt because dust and dirt is kept out of the booth.
6. There are three different types of spray paint booths: Open type, Pressurized booths and Non- pressurized booths.
7. The booths are differentiated based on how air is allowed into the booth and exhausted from the booth"

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